What lights do Youtubers use? – Where To Look When Recording Video

The main camera is a standard DSLR (D-SLR) camera. The flash is something like a Canon 600W 2 x 2 (50w x 1), so that’s all the lights I use. This is a DSLR, so my light doesn’t use a little bit of a light modifier so that’s why I use 2x the brightness.

Do my lights come with any extra?

Yes! I have a few extras that I use when I’m out recording something for other photographers or friends to show others. I have 5 x 15mm film lights in a little box that I use when I’m recording something. I have also some lights I have made up myself to use when I’m doing my own photography.

The ones for making shots are 1x3mm, which I use for video. The ones that are for my personal photography are 2x5mm, 2x6mm and 1x8mm.

So, now that we’ve looked at all the basics, let’s talk about the lighting on your lights and their configuration.

Light on your lights

I don’t really have a specific gear setup, it depends on where I am. Sometimes I’ll do live streaming, sometimes I’ll be using my laptop and occasionally I’ll be working from home.

I use my laptop primarily to edit video and it’s not like my real live stream where I sit there and edit in the dark all day.

The reason I use my laptop instead of using a live stream, is because I don’t know how other people will be reacting to what I’m doing, what they’ll say or do. So if you’re not happy about some of the edits I’ll just pull out for you.

For lighting my lights I use three setups. Two are what I use when I do live streaming, and one is a live lighting setup that I’ve been using to record movies.

First you’ll be looking at the picture above from my YouTube channel, so you can see how it takes me to adjust the camera, set up the studio lighting, setup the cameras and get everything ready for my live streaming. Just to the left of me is my rig I’m using in my studio so you’ll be viewing it from that angle.

The second setup for live lighting will be just a little bit different, so look at the pic below from above.

The difference between the studio lighting and the live one is that you can

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