Should I buy a video camera or DSLR? – What Makes A Good Videographer

A camera or DSLR has a limited image resolution – especially video. So, if you’re going to spend your time photographing your family, friends or just yourself, it’s best to invest in a dedicated camera. (In the event you have a mobile device, don’t forget it’s capable of taking a great photo!)

But be careful! The image will degrade over time, unless you’re going to spend hours composing images. Even the best cameras capture just one photo at a time (or even one shot in the frame). So your photos will be blurry and random in a short time. Plus, the video quality is also poor – especially with a DSLR and a compact mirrorless camera. And sometimes you don’t have the time (or you really do) to take a still photograph.

If you’d like to buy a camera, I recommend buying the Canon EOS M. But for the record, I don’t use my Canon camera on a regular basis. Instead I take and share most of my photos with my iPhone (or with my phone via the Camera+ app, of course!).

What is an ‘iPhone XS II/XR’ camera that’s not a digital SLR?

An ‘iPhone XS II/XR’ (or other iPhone XS with a 24mp sensor) is a higher end smartphone sensor that replaces the 16mp iPhone 5s’s sensor. The sensor is a newer technology and it has better performance and image quality. So for a high-end smartphone without flash, this camera is the best way out!

What is an ‘iPhone X’ smartphone that isn’t a smartwatch?

In theory, a smartwatch doesn’t need a camera like the iPhone X does. But there are plenty of apps for iPhones (like Strava and Metafilter) that don’t require the iPhone X as an input (such as Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal) and that are great even without a camera.

For reference, the camera of a smartwatch (like the Pebble) will also only capture one shot in the frame. But some apps only use one capture per frame like the AirPods or Fitbit.

Why is a camera required?

Just like you need lenses for a camera, a camera is also used for the picture taking. But unlike lenses, an APS-C or APS-H (APS-C) sensor doesn’t have to be able to capture a

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