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A 4k video camera is a video display device that outputs 4K resolution with 4 times the amount of data transmission between the display and the device (which converts into a lot more pixels than you would expect). There are lots of different types of video display devices. We’ll dive into 3 of the most common ones in this video.

How to set up a 4k video camera

It’s easy! You can find a lot of tutorials on how to set up a 4k video camera here. Basically, you go ahead and download the necessary software to enable the display to output 4k resolution with 4 times the amount of data transmission between the device and your display.

What types of video displays do you see in current stores or online? Any in-between resolutions?

Right now, everyone’s looking at 4k video cameras and 4k webcams, although there are plenty of other options now for 4k video displays. The biggest ones that we will be covering in a future article are those that will be able to display 4k at 30 or 40-60fps. These are devices that will be able to output up to 1080p or 720p at different frame rates, depending on the manufacturer.

We’ve covered a lot of different possibilities for webcams out there, but one thing we’ve noticed though is that people often forget that some of these more advanced webcams have some other cool features. Take for example, the one that we recently featured from the manufacturer of the popular VGA-enabled Apple TV. The device we reviewed is a new device called the K3VHD with a 4k video display. The display is also capable of outputting 60 and 30fps. Another interesting thing is that the device supports the HDMI-E passthrough standard so you can display content on another device through the HDMI cable without having to go through an extra cable you may need to connect your other device to.

There are tons of different companies selling in-between 4k displays though I’m not sure which companies are the best and the most reliable. We are hoping to have a lot more content in-between 4k displays in the future, but we will definitely cover more in-between 4k displays at our next article.

We’ll share a lot more news about in-between 4k displays in an upcoming post. Until then!

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