What’s the easiest instrument to learn?

The hardest thing to learn is not writing. I think I could sit down in the middle of a busy street and write a complete song in 30 minutes if I really knew what I was doing — or even 10, 20 minuets. It’s really all about the structure and the timing and the tone and everything like that; it’s a much simpler


A lot of people in the band are also musicians, so when I did the lead guitar on one of the songs, I wrote it out and then we went into a couple days of research. We didn’t just sit around playing guitar; I would say I didn’t even play an eighth-note guitar.

I thought it would be a little harder to learn but I kind of knew it would end up easy; it’s really about the sound. If I could just do something, then that would be awesome, not being this really hard guy.

How about guitar solos? Do they ever come into your mind?

Yeah, the solos are kind of in the back of my mind, especially on “I Want A New Drug.” I’ve been writing for about a year now and I haven’t done a single thing for the band. There’s a couple tunes that I’ve been playing for a year or two that maybe I’d like to do some stuff with, but I honestly haven’t thought about doing it.

In the end, that’s usually the best way to learn music, to do something with it all the time and see what happens — or more specifically, whether the people in your band are going to like the music that you create. I know I probably do, because that’s what’s helped me immensely.

Do you see any specific roles for you as a solo artist?

Yeah, I would love to do some solo stuff, but you don’t want to do anything that might be embarrassing, or that might be seen as a distraction to all the other stuff we’re doing.

I think it’s kind of easy for the band to be an umbrella for all of the other stuff we’re doing. We’re very transparent about what each of us do, and it’s very easy for people to not know that all of the other people are in charge but they are.

As a solo artist, how do you go about selling the other band members on wanting to get together for your music?

The band’s pretty close, we’re on the same plane of existence