Is Cello same as violin?

A. Well, they both are, actually! They’re made of same material, but they are a little bit different in their operation. They’re very differently priced. I can’t think of one where you’d buy a $10,000 violin and a $10,000 Cello, and that would make a difference in the price difference, but it’s not true for the price difference. I’d say that’s probably somewhere between two hundred and $1,000. But they are very different instruments. There are some instruments that are a few dollars more, but that’s not that noticeable. But there are instruments that are more than a thousand dollars more, and that would make a difference in the price difference. That’s just not fair. They’re two very different instruments. If you were going to do a Cello instrument for a ten-dollar violin, it could be worth about $1,000, or it could be worth a thousand. And so there are some cases where one will be worth more than the other, and that would come down to the wood choice and the quality. But at the end of the day—and it’s not just this. If you were going to do a Cello for $10,000 you would probably want to consider the violin. And the violin buyer will pay more for a violin than a Cello—if the violin was made by a professional and a really good violin is in the world for $10,000, it could be worth more than a Cello that’s made by a amateur. But as a rule, the Cello is going to beat out the violin in cost.

Does this mean that you can’t make a lot of difference in price in a “no bargain”


No—I’m just trying to give you that understanding. I’m not trying to set you up for a bargain.

How can you set a good example of why an instrument or a price has to reflect its value?

I would like to set you up for a Cello guitar to be worth more than a violin. Well, the Cello guitar is worth more, but still, it’s less than the violin. But let’s look at violin vs. sax. And you can have a violin that’s worth between $10k-$15k. So, it can be worth between $10,000 and $15,000 on a good day. You’ve got a violin, and there’s like a $40k price difference