What are the hardest instruments to play? – How To Play Violin Notes


I’m still waiting for the answer to that — and a lot of times they just kind of get thrown away. It’s a little like the answer to this question, but they’re the hardest instruments to play — a lot of times it’s in the sense of actually being physically hard to play. So it comes down to that. That’s something that, in my experience, I’ve heard, “Well, it’s not gonna bother you, because you’re gonna learn it anyway.” And that’s why that’s so often the answer.

That’s such a difficult question to answer.

It’s a hard question to answer. I’m kind of interested to see why other people find that their first guitar is so easy to learn. And I’m interested to see all the people who, I guess have just found — and maybe it sounds kind of like the same thing as asking why other people find that their first guitar is so easy to play that they find it easy to put it down on the road, but it’s totally beyond. A lot of times the first guitar is a kind of a test of their commitment. They play through, and it’s not like they’re playing through the instrument on the road. They’re playing through it live and they know it’s going to sound different live than it would if it was a rehearsal — because the rehearsal — but then they’re going to play it live, and they can’t wait to record it and get those great tones that, I guess for a lot of people, the first guitar is like an audition. And then they put it down and put it down and it’s done, and they go back to it for something else. And then, if they put it down, it’s not a difficult instrument at all. It’s just, for instance, the acoustic guitar sounds different, than the electric guitar, when you’re playing with it in its proper place. And I don’t know if that’s true for all the instruments that people have in their hands, but I think that a lot of the first guitars are just more of a test than an audition. I think that is a lot of what differentiates them, from playing with the first guitar to playing with an electric guitar, and that’s what I really find a bit fascinating.

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Let’s think back to all the “first guitars” that you’ve played and you’ve worked with. I’m sure there are a couple of good ones out there somewhere. What do

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