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A pencil that I would want to draw every day.”

“Then that’s the thing,” the professor interjected. “You can’t even read the book. You’re reading it the right way, I don’t say. It’s got an odd way of going round with the lines. If you got it, you’d know what it meant in a hundred books. Even with a hundred books, you wouldn’t even know.

“The point is that these are just a few of the books I didn’t read. I know a ton of them, but only a small handful got past me.”

“You were a really bad poet,” the professor argued. He paused. “But I know about the other ones.”

“Some of them are great. Some of them are awful.”

The professor sighed, and continued:

“Look, let’s agree on something. Of the books you had. The ones where the characters look like they think they’re doing something wrong. The ones in which the characters do something like, for instance, the one that’s got the three witches—I’m talking about the ones with the witch, the witch, and the black cat, the black cat. Because there’s a lot more witches than that in the first place. Those are the ones we can argue about, can you see?”

“Y-your point is well taken,” Emma said.


Emma watched the professor.

“What about the ones where the children are supposed to think stupid things, like the one about the frog or the one about the little old lady with the blue dress? Those ones look stupid. But I’m sorry, we can’t have that one. They’re all stupid.”

She watched him in wonder.

“They’re like,” the professor said, “a lot of the stories are pretty bad. You could start by finding a book like that, and you could go reading it and start from there.”

“Maybe,” Emma said. “But those aren’t my books.”

Professor Ozpin sighed, and continued.

Emma was so happy. So very happy for some reason. And her head was about to explode when she realized what she wasn’t allowed to say. Her ears felt too small to handle it.

“My dad and mom.”

The professor was about to begin again, and she glanced at Emma. “You’re allowed to bring up those

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