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I am a dancer, and I have lost 12 pounds. I never thought that one day I could lose the weight. When I moved to the UK, I had a friend who came from Spain and I was told that Spanish people eat better meat than most people in the UK. I wanted to try and go out to Spain, and I came to the UK with my friend. I ate a lot of meat but I thought not to try too much of it.

“The first week, I thought I was fat, but two weeks later I thought: ‘I can’t believe my body is changing.’ I think that there is no good way. You have to see the body. It’s about the way you see yourself. I do feel my metabolism is changing. I have never done so many calorie-cutting exercises and I don’t know how to do all of that. If you know you can do it, it’s probably better to move on and find a new diet. I think the best thing about pole dancing is that we have a great sport and a great audience.”

By Scott Malone

A few years back, I wrote an article that looked at the role of the United States and NATO in a coming regional war against Russia. The author, Scott Malone, wrote that in order to put Russia under a real and lasting security threat, the US and NATO need to begin building a military system to fight on a permanent basis.

We were told that this would be costly, but no one could see that this was a false choice. If we started building a military system for this purpose, every conflict or war we fight could be the beginning of our long-term commitment towards a more permanent presence on the world stage.

A couple years ago the author, Scott Malone, started working to document the military systems in place. In a recent post he provided us with the map below. The map shows the current system of NATO, the United States, and the European Union.

There is great concern that Europe is going to be forced to become a permanent member of the European Union in order to join the military alliance.

With over 300 million citizens, most of them on the continent, in Europe, NATO is one of the largest political associations in the world with a powerful influence around the world. Without the West taking direct responsibility for security and defense of the continent, our continent would be in grave danger.

It is in this context that I believe that NATO, as a political association only,

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