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As you might expect (if you’ve heard anyone talk about “the economy” like this in the last few years), the answer depends a bit on where you live.

In New York, they’re famous for their “Luxury Rental” section, where dancers offer to rent out private rooms, suites, or whatever else gets them paid. For as little as $1,500, the floor can get a little fancy. (And you’re getting it for free, for the life of you.)

On “The Voice,” Nikki Minaj’s “Cherry Pie” performance in January 2012. (Justin Marks )

As for New York’s pole-dancing scene, the New York Times reports that pole dancing is “in vogue” now, with clubs opening at a “rapid pace.” The dancers themselves, however, are generally low-level ones who come through a mix of modeling gigs and performing a couple of times to make $12 a night.

And that’s before you consider taxes.

While this isn’t necessarily a good thing, the top level of pole dancing is in New York (though not in Chicago, where some of the better bars have pole dancers, too). In New York, you can still go as high as $1,200 a night ($3,000 at the top level, with the cheapest being $5,700). (There’s a lot of dancing in New York — just ask the dancers.)

So what’s the bottom line? It’s certainly not as much as you’d think, especially if you just want an enjoyable night out.

The dance school is on time. (Justin Marks)

The cost of dancing is pretty high, even for a night at a club: The average price for one of the classes in The Manhattan School’s “Dance on Top of a Pole” class is $2,000 an hour. But it’s not just about that though.

Dancers in The School perform a pole-dancer routine. (Justin Marks )

“For the dancers, it’s a lot of sweat, tears, and work,” said David Lippitt, who teaches the Dance on Top of a Pole class. “But it’s also really fun, and it’s a great way to break the routine and see a different side of people, of people who don’t go to modeling and aren’t in high places.”
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Not to mention, the class teaches people the technical intricacies

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