Do you have to be skinny to pole dance?

Of course not. But because “pole dancing” is so associated with skinny people, I just had to be skinny to pole dance. In most respects I should just be in pole dancing and dancing, without the need of a dress.

Why not a bikini top? But I’d rather do an hour every day wearing no top on a beach, and have a good time. I also have a friend who happens to be thin, who goes for a swim with me and gets to do the whole thing in a bikini. As long as I’m not skinny, I feel very relaxed about it.

How about an extra bikini top under your dress? It’s not necessarily a top under the dress that covers up, but more like a little garter to get your butt off. It’s usually just a small top that slides on.

Is the skirt a big deal if you’re still wearing a sweater? If you get that close to another person during pole dancing, it’s OK. But if it’s really close to your waist, and your partner is pushing you away at the same time, and the whole movement seems a bit slow, that’s bad. And usually when you feel that you’ve reached the stage where you can no longer keep up, you stop it and pull away, just as you would with a bicycle.

When people do it, do you like it? Or are there different kinds of pole dances you like?

I think it’s important to find a pole partner who has the same interests as you — and vice versa. A lot of my friends’ personalities seem to fit together pretty well.

If I have a pole partner, I try to think of the pole dance as a small version of dancing, because the movements are so fast and the positions are so different. You are always moving. It feels like you are working really hard.

Are you a pole princess?

Of course not! I think if you’re being picked on, it’s probably because you aren’t a princess.

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