What should a beginner wear to pole dancing?

If you want to go to pole dancing lessons and have fun and improve your pole technique, a beginner’s outfit is ideal. The majority of pole dance instructors will advise against the wearing of shorts or long skirts in pole dancing, because they can put strain on the knee and hamstring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your outfit should give you a bit more freedom of movement, so that you can move the way you would with a skirt on.

Try to use soft shirts with a thin neckline and a loose shirt collar. Try to wear shorts, or just something short that will cover the legs. Try to put a tank top or short hoodie underneath to disguise the fact that you are wearing a skirt. Try to have a lot of hair on your legs. Try to wear short socks with heels attached. Try to wear white T-shirt and short leggings that aren’t too short.

Are there specific styles of pants that the girls at pole dancing classes wear?

No, women can wear very thin skirts or jeans to pole dancing lessons that will make their hips look larger. But the skirt or jeans should not interfere with the rest of the outfit. The longer the skirt, the more room you have when going for pole dances.

What’s your biggest gripe with The Walking Dead? Tell us in the comments!

The Walking Dead: Season 1 continues its fall run with a new Season 2 on September 10. Now, AMC is revealing some of the key storylines of the Season 2 premiere (of The Walking Dead), which is available to stream on the network’s website.

After a series-best premiere that’s left you screaming and running, The Walking Dead begins Season 2 with a bang, with a brutal massacre in Alexandria. Fans of The Walking Dead have a new big bad that could decide their season, but the new threat gets even scarier as Daryl, Carol, Carl, Aaron and more are all up in arms about a monster that attacks their town. And who is this new monster that is attacking their town?


“T-Dog is an aggressive canine who is the dominant one of the gang. He had previously been working at the church, and now he’s working for Morgan, who is now under the control of Rick, and T-Dog is very determined to have revenge on all the people that were hurt by him.” (See Video)

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