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If so, here are a couple methods to mitigate this.

In the video above from The Body Is Everything, you see a pole dancer, who’s pole dance partner (or a pole dancer who’s a pole dancer to some degree) are doing the traditional dance called “the walk through”. The first few steps on that dance can give your skin some trouble, with a lot of blood traveling through the body. While we’re on the topic of blood in the body, a couple of studies have found that while people with lower testosterone (low T’s) may feel better about wearing a top that is a size too big (like a size 4 or 6), they do not seem to feel better about that when they’re dancing as a dancer that fits into that dress size.
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For example, an interesting study done at McMaster University examined how many participants did or did not feel better after having their skin do the Pole dance. There were 50 men who had either been “low testosterone friendly” (who danced a “normal” dance without any bleeding) or “high testosterone friendly” (who danced the “high-thrasher” dance in the study). While the study was quite limited and the men were somewhat younger (all over 42), it also had an issue with the women being asked to take part in the study as well. The women who were asked to participate in the study weren’t as well behaved as the men on average, which means this was a control group.

According to the authors of the study, “we found that the female participants wore one less dress size than the men and danced with their bare hands, but did not engage in more bleeding compared to both sexes in the control conditions.” A possible cause for this is because the female participants in the study had a longer time (3-5) before they started to bleed, which was more time than the male dancers had to practice their “low-thrasher” dance.

The good news is that this study did conclude that low T’s are not necessarily a risk for the dancers wearing low T gowns. But, you do definitely want to consider wearing appropriate clothing while dancing as well.

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