How do pole dancers get flexible? – Why Is Pole Dancing Bad

When I was at the gym, I would try to work out as much as I could every day. Every day. If I felt I got enough in my abs and core, I could try and workout a little more. But what really changed my fitness levels was getting a chiropractic adjustment.

Why chiropractic?

To have the strength, flexibility, and control. I’d just go to my orthopaedic doctor or chiropractor and have the first thing they did, they said, “Look at that hip.” I would be like, Oh, my gosh. But they had the information that I could work my hips, I could have those muscles relaxed at the same time, so I just did that.

What is it like working at the pole?

Most guys don’t realize they’ve got such incredible mobility; it takes a lot of working on your core and on the arms, as well. There’s so much movement and there are so many different movements. There is a lot more strength here than I’ve ever had anywhere else.

What about the hair?

You see it as something that comes with the position, where they’ll let you do your thing on your hair, but I never did, nor will I ever do, any hair removal. I have some people that have hair out there that need it, but it’s not something I’ve seen anyone ask me to do, nor do I want to be on my phone, taking pictures of myself taking care of my hair. You can’t take pictures of your own body, and if you look at your body, it’s so beautiful and it’s so amazing to look at; it’s so unique and beautiful and it’s so amazing to be able to have access to it, and it becomes your own little world.

Image caption Mr Cameron said there is an ‘insurmountable gap’ between rich people and poor

Britain will have to face up to the fact that an increasing number of people are poor if it wants to “change the dynamic” of society, the Conservative leader has said.

David Cameron said those in poverty should be “loved rather than hated”.

He appeared on Piers Morgan’s Question Time programme to warn of rising income inequality.

But other politicians and charities accused him of hypocrisy, as ministers insist that poverty is down.

Mr Cameron insisted there was an “insurmountable gap” between rich people and the rest, and

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