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If you find that you want to practice in a less traditional way, you can either pick a pole or find a couple of local dancers that are experienced with pole dancing.

This is where pole dancing comes in…

The Pole Dancing Institute’s Program

This program will teach you the basic fundamentals of pole dance and the basics of pole dance form. It is a combination of the two as well as the skills taught in pole dancing lessons. It will give you the foundation for the basic dances and will help you to hone certain skills such as:

Bouncing or dancing in a circle




The program includes:

Pole dancing instruction – 4 day instruction period with instructor

Pole Dance Moves - Beginner Level - Spinning Pole - YouTube

Classes & Classes

What if I have any issues or questions after I have completed the training?

This is important! If you feel you’ve had an experience that wasn’t ideal or if you feel that the instructor or class wasn’t able to match the program you’ve been offered, then please contact me. I will be interested in discussing your experience with an instructor and will consider your feedback.

If you still have any questions or need additional clarification before making a decision about your participation then please take the time to read the class registration page. This will help you better understand everything about every class and how it will be structured.

What is the difference between joining one of their classes and becoming a member?

One of the advantages of joining a dance class is the opportunity to learn through a more professional, experienced instructor. We have a more organized class structure, which means there is less room for students to stray. Memberships are also offered with the opportunity to become a more regular attendee and support those who are not part of the program but make up for it with their enthusiastic presence.

You will need to book a spot in advance to attend a class. It is always a good idea to plan your schedule and check back with the program staff, as changes to class times and/or locations are made.

Does a paid membership require payment before I will complete certain classes? No paid memberships are required. Any new memberships will automatically be added once you have joined. However, students will receive a 10% discount on classes if their student account has previously been paid for. This discount will be applied to the purchase of the individual class or course package.

I am 18+. How can I join or

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