How often should you practice pole dancing? – Pole Dance Tutorial Beginner

“Most people say that about the first couple of months. We never know when they’re going to be free. If you think about it if you’re going to be dancing a lot that’s going to be your time to practice.” So many of you ask, “If I practice for a while how will I get good?” But she says pole dancing, when done right, is more about doing than about doing right. You will learn, she says, “the skill, technique” first, but you’re working on the body, the technique, the feel, the rhythm, all before the pole dance. “You will not get good practice until you are ready for it as an art form.”

Where should I see pole dancing? “We only try to hold in all pole dances – they are free and invite the whole community. But not everyone is interested in a show. We have to work a little bit to get people back to what is really necessary, which is just to dance.”

What should people who want to dance or study pole dance look for? “We always tell people that just because they’re studying pole dance doesn’t mean they can’t move. If they’re not comfortable, if you feel like you’re not good enough, then you shouldn’t just hang around watching. That’s one of the hard feelings people have. I also tell people, there is a difference between dancing and being on the ground and dancing and being on a dance floor.”

How to Pole Dance for Beginners - Cradle Spin - YouTube
What can I do to make it fun for you as a dance partner? “Just dancing and being on the dance floor together, if you’re a good dancer and just enjoy it, I think you’ll be able to tell yourself that that’s actually what it is. So what people don’t know is there is a lot of self-confidence in how strong is your relationship with the partner that you’re dancing with and how well it works.” And it works. “Most new dancers, you don’t need to be strong, you don’t need to be in charge. You don’t need to have your hands in their pockets as the partner. You can have one more inch on them that you need to have on your own feet. You could even do a good job of giving them a little bit more freedom and you’ll get great feedback.” They do, she adds, look back at their dance partner with a big smile on their face when they’re in pole dancing. “They may look funny on TV… they’ll get excited about the show

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