How difficult is pole dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic 2016 Mohegan

We’ve always had it easier than people might admit. At their age and with a little help from their fathers, they usually can do a few rounds.

Is pole dance still very popular?

Yes – and even more popular in Europe. It’s getting more popular in the US, too. It’s the second best sport at school – after basketball, after football, after football. It’s the easiest sport to learn and learn to do, and you can learn what you want to do as an adult so you become better at it. So I think in five or ten years from now – and they’re all kind of vague – we’ll have to compete again. We’ll probably find we have to up our game. We’re not far away.

Why do you think pole dancing is popular?

It’s fun and exciting. You feel powerful when you’re dancing. It’s a fantastic experience, particularly if you want to dance with a girl. So if you want to do good, you have to work the best you can so that you can do it at a high level and feel good about yourself. The biggest thing people don’t realise is that you can have that same amount of energy without losing your identity.

It’s not too intimidating and not too complex to do, either. If I do pole right, I can have a very exciting night.

How do you learn?

There’s three stages – learning, dancing and practicing. You begin to know how to use your body, how to use your feet and how to do anything. We started to do it from the ages of five and it’s a very fun sport – at least for me. We don’t teach you to be a pole dancer, we teach you how to do it right…

Which kind of pole dancing class are you applying for?

I have a basic and a pole dancing class. I think I can do a couple of courses. It has to be fun for me and my family to learn. It’s much easier for me as a kid to learn from scratch, because the basics came so quickly to me. But it’s not too difficult – it’s all about technique.

What are the pros and cons?

It’s a very exciting activity. The pro is that you can get to know women in real life. I have a very good time, no matter what.

And the cons?

People come to the gym to do the whole thing

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