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Pole dancers are usually very physically fit and highly skilled. In addition, pole dancing is a sport designed to be difficult to learn.

What are some people saying about pole dancing?

People are usually very positive about pole dancing and the positive comments are almost like an endorsement.

Pole dancers are generally extremely welcoming, always looking out for each other, and it has been noted that the most popular dancing style, “The Good Girl”, is the most likely to be positive about pole dance. Many of the students who are interested in trying pole dancing find it incredibly challenging, and are looking to learn more.

However, the negatives are also common:

Pole dancers are expected to be flexible.

It is expected that people will be very aggressive with each other.

It is expected that you will come out of the dance feeling very nervous and vulnerable.

A major concern is the risk of injury, including broken bones or other injuries.

Can beginners do pole dancing?

People can certainly learn pole dancing. As a beginner you will need to be confident and have some good training. If you are not confident in your abilities but want to try a new move or technique, do it anyway!

What should beginners know?

You may be a beginner with pole dancing but have some experience with other forms of dance or exercise, and thus should not worry too much about whether you will be successful with pole dancing so long as you do not overdo it.

The key to a successful pole dancing lesson is learning the basics of how to perform a technique. First, find someone to “spot” you and point you where you want a pole to land. If you are confident with your technique, no problem, you will eventually start flying your “flute”. However, it is wise to use pole skills when it is difficult for you to perform your own movements or to perform in public.

There are also a number of techniques that have been developed for the safety of all dancers. Be sure to follow these when performing.

Can I rent a pole?

Yes. It is usually possible to rent a pole for a short time before it needs to be replaced, usually on Saturdays.

Where can I shop for pole dancing gear?

You can buy all the essentials you need to get started in the pole dancing world from Amazon.

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Do pole dancing clubs serve alcohol?

All the clubs that you see advertised around

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