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It is much harder than you think. There are so many moving parts to it… it almost seems as though you are dancing with a metal pole. This, of course, is only part of the equation. Pole dancing isn’t a dance where you try to hit the air with your butt; it’s a dance where you find the best balance of the dance that you can. For the first couple of years of my practice, I was never able to get good. The only thing that seemed to hold me were the mistakes I made on the first few pole routines. I would get the pole tangled up behind me, or I’d be leaning all the time, and the pole just wouldn’t move. I was so in over my head, and I could barely see! My pole dance was still one of the most incredible things I ever did, but it definitely wasn’t at all for me. And when I found the magic of the balance, no more problems!

After a few weeks of practicing one-hand pole dance, I started learning other types of pole- dance like the double-handed, and the front-to-back and back-to-front routines. I started doing them with a partner, but after a while I felt the need for a male partner. I wanted to learn to do these solo routines without even trying. Well, I would have to be careful! Before long I had gotten into some dangerous trouble. I was a bit of a wild man, and I always knew what I was doing just by how I was acting. On this night, I was at the dance studio dancing with my partner, but I wasn’t the only one. Everybody was there, and they looked to be really nervous about doing a routine with me. I was scared.

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Just moments after I finished dancing with my partner at the studio, the bartender walked in. This is where things got weird, because he didn’t see me dancing with him so he called “I know that’s a problem!”. He went to the dance studio, and he saw me doing my pole dance, and he asked me if I had a problem. I said no, and told him to leave! I would never leave a guy like that for someone as beautiful as him! I just walked away from the bartender and went upstairs. I thought I would never see her again, but at some point, she came back down the stairs to me and asked me to dance with her.

I’ve never had a dance partner before, but this

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