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A: No, dancing is strictly prohibited among students and staff of The University of Texas at Dallas. In addition to dancing being prohibited in any form (including lap dances and bare-bottomed dancing) students and workers may not be exposed to any kind of exposure while dancing and must wear appropriate clothing. Students who engage in dancing may be disciplined. Violators will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and their case will go to the Student Life/Office of Community Standards for adjudication at any time. See the Code of Student Conduct on page 5.

Q: Is the university still selling the Texas Longhorn football team apparel?

A: Yes. The Texas Longhorn Football team has provided University of Texas at Dallas with an extensive list of items that can be purchased online at their official online store in the name of the university and in official University Merchandise and Merchandise Store locations, from the University Store at the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and Museum and the University Store on West Mall in Richardson, TX.

Q: How do I sign a contract with Texas Longhorns?

A: Download and print it or have a friend bring it out on campus for you to sign. Contact the Texas Student Activities Office at 512-471-7200 or

Q: Is wearing a Longhorn tailgate shirt in my area, even when you’re doing a tailgate, illegal?

A: No, Longhorns are allowed to wear shirts when they have a tailgate on campus.

Q: Is wearing a UT football team shirt while at a tailgate allowed?

A: No, the University reserves the right to deny any form of permission for shirt or costume to be worn by any student, student athlete or visiting student.

Q: What are your expectations for student activity?

A: Student activities should be organized, scheduled, supervised, and supervised by staff at all times. The University encourages participation in activities, whether it is on or off campus.

Q: Do I have to be a student to participate in UT student activities?

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A: No, students, staff, volunteers, and spectators can participate in all activities. Students are expected to wear the appropriate clothing.

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