How do you do the pole dance? – Exotic Pole Dancing Classes Near Me Hip Rolling

That’s really a pole of sorts, but it’s more of a cross between gymnastic and acromegalic. So you go up in that style, and you make the pole come back down again and again.


Do you have to start dancing on the dance floor?

Yeah! No, I can do it in the street, which is more fun if it’s not cold outside—it’s just the fact. If I can do it in the streets, it’s really exciting.

And who are some of your favorite pole dancers?


It’s really hard to pick a person. As much as I like seeing all these guys—some are big, some are small, some are crazy—I really feel like I’ve got to keep it a secret for now, because people have heard about me and want to do my dance. I love watching these guys. Some are so good they get onstage and do some really dangerous moves that they’ve never done before. But I can’t pick a favorite.

And what are your thoughts on pole dancing’s place in culture at this point?

I don’t think they have too much use for it. They have a certain type of hip hop culture, that there’s certain songs that they like. Not that that’s bad, but these guys, some of them are real dancers and they have moves that are so great that they’ll do a move in the club, which can never happen in a nightclub, ever.

But they don’t use it, they don’t really care about it, and I think it was kind of lost in history, especially after the Internet, because if you just went there to buy the newest girl you saw on the floor—especially a big girl—you’d be shocked at how many people don’t know the dance, and they don’t care about it either. I don’t think they ever knew the dance existed. I think people just thought it was a cool concept that you put on a platform, put on some music, and a guy would come to show the world how much he could do.

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And the truth is they did that, but I think it’s kind of lost. It was a cool movement, and people are just kind of turning their heads, and the girls have gone. They still have a way to go.

What was it like to actually get into pole dancing?


It was awesome. The worst part was when

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