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One of the more common complaints has long been that a modern golf ball needs a “spin.” Most golfers know that the ball needs to spin so that it does not roll to the right and thus miss the hole. A golf ball that doesn’t spin well makes a lot of noise and makes little swing. For many, the spinning of a ball can help improve a particular characteristic, i.e., distance, with the stroke of the golf club.

“What does a spin do to the golf ball? The answer is that it gives it a bit more flight, a little more speed.”

Inevitably, the spin is a secondary and only positive aspect of a golf ball, as the other major aspects of the golf ball are improved. A proper grip on the ball aids further development. The more spin and the higher degree of control associated with spin will require better ball control, a larger shaft diameter and larger grip area for better ball control. The ball control aspect is important for all types of shots and has become more pronounced over the last few decades.

One would be very surprised if a golfer didn’t have some degree of feel for a variety of shaft shapes, shaft lengths and spin rates (sometimes referred to as golf ball speed or golf ball speed curve). The grip angle has to be considered when comparing the shafts but is also of great importance and affects a lot of a golf ball’s performance. One of the most noticeable differences between a driver and a putter is the grip angle, as the golfer has a less stable and accurate grip of the driver, which has to impact the player’s power delivery and trajectory.

I can’t imagine the golf ball would need to have an additional spin component to be an effective and better ball.

“If the spin on a ball is so important, why do we still use the older ball from the 1970s?”

The idea of putting a spin on the ball dates back years before the invention of spinning balls. Before balls were manufactured in volume, players preferred to hold balls in the hand for maximum distance. Therefore, with fewer golf balls being produced, the need for a spin was not realized until there was increased use of golf balls in the 1990s.

I am always amazed when folks comment that they have been using a spinning ball that was not part of their original golf ball. The point that’s being made is that a golf ball should always be used and not abandoned for an old ball. Golf balls have evolved

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