How do you prepare for pole dancing? – Pole Dancers Agt

Do you like to go out to clubs and learn the movement?

I go to clubs, but most of my training starts at home with a yoga teacher who teaches me how to get comfortable at the poles, and I take classes in the city like the pole-dancing class that we’ve just run at The Bachelorette Hotel. I love the dance class – it’s different than the one that the girls at The Bachelorette do!

Do you do a lot of ballet?

No [laughs]. I enjoy being on the pole to help people. I play with my friends and family, but I don’t do any ballet. But if I did perform I might be able to show off my moves.

Is there anything that you have taken away from pole dancing that you would never do in a regular role as a performer?

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First, it’s been a great experience. It’s hard work, but it’s a great way to stay in shape and develop the skills I have – if I am able to get on stage.

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