Where did pole dance originated? – Pole Dance Clothes Conyers

There have been two theories for how the practice spread; either by word of mouth or through the slave trade.

Both the slave trade and word of mouth theories appear to explain it in some way. The slave trade explained many reasons for the practice. The slaves were needed to be fed, watered, made comfortable and trained. Word of mouth is the most likely explanation. Once the slaves started, pole dancing became an accepted, respected and beautiful skill.

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The slave trade and word of mouth theories also explain the popularity of pole dancing in many African countries. After all, there were no slave markets. The only way any African could have obtained a slave would be by trading with another African nation. Many would be sold to European European slave markets. These men/women could dance anywhere in the world. They would always be a man/woman because there were not enough women dancers.

Once an African reached adulthood, he or she could easily afford a female dancer and a dance studio to promote their skills. Pole dancing could become a prestigious and professional art form. There would also be a chance to obtain money and/or a status. The slave trade also explained why African countries did not ban the dance. Many African countries were not comfortable with the Western “culturally different” way of living. They could be more conservative and more conservative and more conservative and that would not be good for the dancers. Most countries were under colonial rule. They could not be open to the Western world. They also could not afford the cost of training male slaves. The slave trade and word of mouth theory seem to be the most likely explanation.

How common was pole dancing?

The first pole dance competitions took place on August 31, 1894 in London. The first international competitions of the day were held on November 10, 1902 in Paris. The first Olympic pole dancing championships took place in Barcelona in 1922.

What were the biggest competitions of the 1920s and 1930s?

The London and Paris games were the longest and most difficult ones in pole dancing history. The 1932 London Olympics was the second longest.

Are there any competitions that still continue to occur?

There are still the Asian Pole & Sparring Championships each year. Pole Dancing World Cup World Series is a worldwide championship that is held annually.

Who are top dancers in pole or dance?

In terms of pole or dance fame, many African or American women are in the elite club. There is one African and one Asian male who are

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