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Pole dancers make a living from their dance performances. They earn an hourly wage (based on the length of a dance performance) and most often charge between $30 and $50 an hour in some cities and states. However, many dancers have found ways to increase their incomes.

Pole dancers are divided into four tiers based on how many hours they perform. The more dance hours, the pay higher.

For example, in New York, the minimum hourly wage for pole dancers is $27.25. However, if performers perform 100 hours a week for the entire year, they earn $46.12.

You can get even more pay by becoming a licensed professional pole dancer or a pole instructor in your state. The fee ranges from $20 to $50 a day, depending on level.

Pole instructors make an estimated $75 per hour based on the types of instruction they provide. Most states also have a pole dancing tax credit that can contribute to an even greater income.

Are there any laws that require pole dancers to be paid?

Pole dancing is regulated by the state legislature. However, every state has a pole dancing tax credit. This credit can reduce the amount of state-mandated tips.

If you’re a pole dancer, and you choose to take a tip credit, you’re allowed to deduct any tips from your paycheck. A total of $1.2 million was spent on pole dancing tax credits last year.

Are pole dancers protected by state laws in the event of a job loss?

When the price of a company goes up, pole dancers have faced some financial challenges. In 2010, Georgia prohibited new pole dancers from taking a tip credit until after the company had been profitable for a minimum of six months.

According to a 2011 review conducted by the National Labor Relations Board, however, pole dancers are protected by various statutes.

These laws usually protect pole dancers from being forced to work without pay at non-profit facilities, but do not protect them from being fired for “act[ing] to impede” the profits of a business, “which might include (but is not limited to),” sexual harassment or being employed at an employer who treats employees poorly.

Are there laws against illegal employment practices by pole dancers?

In the past, pole dancing was a relatively safe business. However, today’s dancers experience an increase in the amount of illegal employment practices. Most pole dancing companies have been prosecuted due to unsafe

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