Does the pole spin or the dancer? – Pole Dancing Songs Youtube

Who’s the better dancer?

How can you tell? You can feel their legs or feel themselves!

Is there a good reason for the pole or dance to be at the pole? Is it a social event, a social dance? A choreographed event? How does it change the relationship you have with the people on the pole and the dancer?

If you could take a picture of a pole dancing pole you’d post it for the world to see… Would you want to?

There is a pole at the bottom of the stairs that people hang onto and look down. (see image)

People do not see it but they can feel the vibration of the pole and it will seem that they are spinning.

The dance is not the same as at this pole which is all about being light and flowing.

What do you think? Could there be a better way to get a dance off at a pole?

Do you use a pole for social events? Like when dancing for couples?

We would love to hear your ideas and if you do, please let us know why!

The pole dance can be done by any size dancer you choose and has 3 levels. Beginner levels are all dances you can do without a pole! (see picture)

For more information, see our information about Pole Dancing at the top or check our dance FAQ page.

We also can provide the following tips for beginners of pole dancing:

• Always use a pole that can not get slippery while spinning.

• Never give your partner a bad spin.

• Always practice moving with your partner.

• Get a good support partner who can be helpful in learning your moves.

• Don’t be afraid to walk around your partner to encourage them to spin and to help them out with their partner.

• Don’t dance around your partner to break them or their partner’s rhythm when they know you are going to keep on dancing!

• Always be positive and always have fun!

How to find a good pole dancer? Check out the videos of people on pole dancing poles and see what they say about pole dancing.

Please join us at any one of the monthly dances! You can find a link and directions for our monthly dances and check out our dance FAQ page to see what information to have on you in order to attend the dance.

This is what people say:

“I have never before tried

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