How much does a dance pole cost? – Exotic Pole Dancing Classes In Nj

The cost for a dance pole varies according to what type of dance you dance. In general, you can estimate costs for a dance pole using the following cost breakdown.

Standard Dance: 3.25 to 8 inches thick

Flexible Dance: 3 to 7 inches thick

Standard Flexible: 3 to 8 inches thick

The cost will vary depending on whether you need something specific or you just need it to fit.

A couple more tips:

In general, you can estimate the cost of a dance pole based on the height of the pole and the length of a dancer’s legs. If you find that you need less, you could cut a smaller pole down and create two smaller poles of similar size.

A dance pole should also have a little more padding in it. You can use foam padding or a soft pad. If you choose to put a hard pad behind the pole for extra protection, you can put a safety net on the bottom of it. This is also very important for children’s feet as they walk on the floor.

For more information on how to create a pole from scratch, check out our post here.

Where can I find dance pole prices?

You can visit our Dancers of Color page to see current prices for dance poles.

Do I need a dance pole to dance?

Yes, dance poles are very useful for both dance and acrobatics.

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Dances and acrobatics require specific poles for the right amount of energy to be generated in the correct position. For a dance like acrobatics, it’s important that the pole has some stability. It also needs to have some bounce or force.

A pole that can be used during a dance or acrobatics has to have a certain amount of padding. The easiest way to calculate how much padding you need is to make a measurement.

For a simple dance, a small number is all that is needed. You can do this by making a measurement between your toes and the center of your chest and taking off the top portion of your belt or using a measuring tape.

For a more advanced dance like acrobatics, the size of dance pole you need should be more specific.

Make sure you find the appropriate sized dance pole by measuring your feet. A smaller height than what dance pole you would like to purchase is a good sign that you need a pole that is larger.

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