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What are the benefits and potential downsides?

You have to wonder how the company could make a product in a way that they can’t justify the costs to make.

What could be the reason for such a decision?

Let’s take a closer look:

Wish List : How a Pole Should Work:

What’s the most important part?

What parts do those parts fit together? Why?

Why is my idea better than similar ones already in existence?

What is there a need for this?

Is there a reason for it?

How do I define my “sustainability”?

What are the costs in comparison to the benefits?

How do I measure success?

What if I am not successful in my project?

What is the benefit of this product?

What is the product itself worth?

What are the risks?

How easy is it to make?

Can this product be manufactured as cheaply as a similar one with a similar design?

Can this product be exported abroad?

Where can I find more info about this?

Let’s take a closer look at the parts of the pole and what they are designed to fit together:

Here you can see the basic construction, only some of the parts are visible.

The “arm” of the motor. The only components not visible are the bearings and gears (the “arm”).

The bearing on the side of the pole

The side that is used for the axle.

The “axle” at each end

What is the main purpose of the axle?

What is the main advantage of this product for the user?

How do I define my “sustainability”?

The Pole should have a rotating axis, and if used with this direction the pole will rotate at one speed and at other speed (depending on the angle between the poles). The rotation of the pole is independent of the wind-generated force, but there is a chance of rotation of the pole with more or less wind. The main difference between this type and the other types of poles, is that the rotating angle is fixed. On a magnetic pole there are 3 possible solutions that can solve the problem: rotate the pole, rotate the magnet, or move the magnet (this would make it harder to use).

The magnetic pole type allows for rotation of the pole by the wind generated

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