How much does a dance pole cost? – Pole Dance Clothes Set Sims

– £75 at Home Bargains

What about moving on to the next thing? – £50 in Luggage – London

Bag of groceries – £75 at Waitrose

How much do I have to pay if I don’t have a car? – £85

Do I need a parking ticket to get in? – N/A

What about paying for parking or tolls? – No

What about an electric car? – N/A

What about getting a chauffeur? – £250

What about paying for a taxi? – $300 at an hourly rate

What about making an Uber app account? – $35 at Uber

If you are interested in how much car insurance costs I’ll go and do the calculator and update this post.


In a surprising move, a British court sided with two American men accused in a bizarre attack in London two years ago, which led to one losing his right arm and another being badly beaten.

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were among five people charged with murder in connection with the 2013 attack on soldier Lee Rigby, but British authorities have decided to dismiss the charges against them following a judge’s ruling they had failed to prove they carried out the attack because their actions were carried out after the attack was over.

As a result, the men, accused of carrying out the attack for the Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda in Iraq, will be acquitted.

Prosecutors were relying on evidence that their trial was the first time the men and al Qaeda had worked together in the UK. During one argument in court, Adebolajo told defence lawyers he had been instructed to “follow his nose,” after he had seen a man carrying a knife during the attack. He was then shot dead by police responding to the incident.

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“The prosecution argued that, at the time it appears that the defendant carried out a terrorist attack, he was the leader of a gang of eight extremists who had been tasked by the head of al Qaeda in Iraq to carry out the attack,” Lord Justice Taylor wrote in the decision. “I have decided that there is insufficient evidence to prove Adebolajo carried out the attack, given the time and circumstances at the time of the alleged killings.”

“We have concluded that there is insufficient evidence to sustain the charges of murder in relation to the alleged murders of Lee Rigby, Paul Rigby and Michael Adeb

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