Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Core Workout For Pole Dancers

No, not really. Not just “one of us” (the rest of my team includes one, the other, a couple, and a bunch). I started pole dancing because of the opportunity to express myself, but not because of a preconceived notion that it would lead to weight gain. And I have no desire to see some guy get all hung up on a few minutes of exercise. But in the same breath, I can understand why some people might be discouraged, or confused, by seeing a pole dancer.

So what made you want to become a pole dancer?

I was inspired by fellow dancers and by watching my dad do it. He made me go do a few tricks when I was 4 years old. He was a very good dancer, but he wasn’t quite as good as Bill Monroe was when he was my age (and not a terrible dancer).

And then I realized that Bill Monroe actually did that dance that I was listening to. And I started to do it.

At that point I was like, “This is pretty cool!” And to me, it was pretty fucking sexy.

What’s pole dancing like?

10 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Start Pole Dancing ...
It’s a combination of high-energy aerobics and dance. There is a certain amount of movement involved with each move, but it does not require a great deal of attention. That means if you’ve got 20 minutes before class, you may be able to move around without pausing.

We try to keep pole dancing to about 40 minutes. Because it does go really fast.

Do you ever run pole?

No, pole dancing is not a cardio-resistance exercise, and I definitely don’t walk around on my hands all day! But I’ve heard people say that “pole dancing is like running” or “It puts pressure on your heart.” I think what’s going on is that when you dance, you’re in a way “losing weight,” and there’s a lot of talk about obesity and how to “eat right.”

But when you go pole dancing, all that pressure builds up and you lose all that weight.

Does pole dancing give you the same kind of workout after you’ve had a hard day at work or school?

No. The body will respond differently at a more intense workout than at a less intense workout. I don’t think we were doing that kind of exercise at our school. We danced, which meant a lot of cardio. Even when I wore

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