Is a spinning pole better? – Pole Dance Competition 2020 Indianapolis

A. A spinning pole, yes.

Q. What are the differences from a spinning wheel? A. A spinning wheel requires a stronger grip. A pole requires as much grip as can reasonably be provided by the hand to move the pole in the air.

Q. Does a spinning pole require any help from the hand? A. No, it is self-balancing.

Q. Will a spinning pole make me feel dizzy? (I’m at 90 mph.) A. No, a spinning pole does not cause dizziness.

Q. Can I spin in an upright and then spin at an angle? A. Yes, but no one complains. Many people spin without a pole, leaning or with the hand on the ground.

A. The question is more about what happens at different speeds. At one speed the pole is very stable. At another speed it is unstable. If the pole is still, it won’t be moving. If it has fallen off, it will just go sideways. If it has spun, it is still spinning and in motion in one direction, or the wind is blowing in that direction or the pole is going too fast to hold the speed it needs to.

Q. Does it damage my motor vehicle? A. No, a spinning pole is not dangerous. A spinning pole will not hurt anything on or in the vehicle, or even in the wind.

Q. Can I take my pole out to the field? What about the golf cart? A. Yes, however, an electric pole cannot be attached to golf carts. An electric pole can be attached to any vehicle with two wheels. Most people attach a pole to the rear corner of their vehicle.

Q. Is a pole good for my lawn? A. No, a spinning pole is not good for lawns. The poles will bounce up, over one another, and away from them.
Wale - Pole Dancer (Feat. Megan Thee Stallion) Music Video

Q. What should I do if a spinning pole catches a car? What’s the safest thing to do? A. Do not hit the car. It may shatter.

Q. What do you do if I see my car in a crosswalk or over a crossing guard. Should I hit the traffic? A. No, but there is an exception. If you see a traffic signal, you need not hit the traffic; you can stop quickly and wait for the signal to turn green. Your car is only moving in a straight line on the right side, so if you

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