Do you have to be strong to pole dance? – Pole Dance Moves That Involve Legs Only Tanning Bed

I had never been afraid of pole, I had always loved it, it was a part of my childhood, and my love of the body. But the reason I moved is because I had a dream. To achieve my dream of pole dancing, I had to be strong.

The dream was to be able to do the things pole dancing taught me, what it taught me… To be a strong girl, to dance well, to learn from my idols, who taught me so many things.

You also have a lot of fans in China and India, I believe you’re a famous Indian dancer too. How come?

It is hard to have such big followings because I am from a small area of the Indian subcontinent. I don’t know how many people know me there and why. But I have people I respect; my mentors, my peers.

You have a good social media presence with a lot of international fans. What did it take to get to India?

I was on the internet a lot, I searched the Indian culture because I felt India had a lot of things I liked, which I needed, for instance, if I want to change into a girl. It had helped me to change into the form of a girl. I felt that if I had a way, I would use it. To reach these people with pictures and videos, and a blog, where they can ask me questions or comment. It is good to connect with them and it helps me learn, I don’t have to be perfect to find my own way. It gives me courage, not to fail!

This interview originally appeared on, a new women’s site, published by HelloGiggles, to coincide with the publication of the book Pole Dance by Jana D. Lefler.

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