Is it easy to learn pole dancing?

Most pole dancers I know had a pretty good idea beforehand of what they were going to do, what the choreography was, and could understand how it was gonna get done. But even in high school I would just do a lot of pole dances and it would feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. And I mean, I learned it, man!” he says.

“I remember one time I was doing a pole move where we were in a circle, and I was doing a reverse twist I’m on my right foot and all I had on was just my high top underwear.”

After this, he went on to study a number of other sports, including baseball at the University of Wisconsin, football at the University of Miami, and even the track and field circuit. “I’d never run a marathon, so I did it a couple of times, and then I started competing in the junior national championships and then in the state championships at North Carolina State and the Commonwealth championships at Appalachian State.”

As a high schooler, his dream was to become a professional pole dancer, but he knew, at his age, that he couldn’t pursue this dream if he wasn’t physically capable to do it. “I wanted to be a pole-dancer, but if I couldn’t run a marathon I couldn’t run a pole.” Still, this obstacle prevented him from pursuing the sport until the very last minute of his senior year, when he enrolled at Appalachian State University to play sports with several other pole dancers. “At Appalachian State, everyone was on the same team,” he says. “Our coach even offered to pay for all of our classes together, just so we would all be together in the same field because we knew we were probably not going to be able to finish our school’s football schedules.”

Miss Pole Dancing Argentina and Sudamerica 2010
His coach was right. He was able to finish Appalachian State’s schedules despite the fact that he was competing in high school baseball and football. “I really like baseball. But I think people just don’t see how mentally tough it is. You really need a huge drive, a hard-ass mentality. Pole dancing and swimming are the two sports that really helped me be in the position that I am in today,” he says.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sports, and with a GPA of 3.7, he joined a number of pole academies in the country. “They offered us scholarships, but I just didn’t want to take that risk; I knew a lot of