Is pole dance a sport?

There may be no sport better than pole dance. It is a fantastic way to meet people. It’s fun and there are some gorgeous men at the top who would say to me, “I would love to come out to perform for your school.” So, yes! It can definitely be something that you do with your friends. But you can meet people who aren’t very good at pole because it’s such a competitive sport and they just don’t think that way yet. There are a lot of girls who are excellent at the sport, but they don’t really know you and the way they see you there is so different, it’s very hard. So my husband came to my class. He thought I was just really good at what I was doing and thought it would be really great if my daughter came out and danced with me at the same time. So I have a dancer who likes to go through her classes, and she started talking to my husband and told him how great she thought he was. He said, “How about dancing and seeing how my daughter does?” I said, “Sure! We can do that!”

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What are you looking forward to doing once her pole training is over?

My daughter went to her training today and went to the pole with me. It was great, I had a few things on the pole that she was having trouble with. In order to keep the balance, she’d come to the center and then I would just keep the left side and help with the right side of her. I had the most fun out of all the pole training today. As soon as she got on the pole, she was in a ball and got really excited and it was super exciting seeing her in her first ever pole. I hope she does fine because it’s a very, very high level. She won the finals of the state championships this year and did it in 5 minutes. If she were to go on the pole, I think the speed is going to be just as high as it is now.

What’s your best tip for a pole dancer?

Start small. Just do it for a few weeks. I think my daughter’s training is really strong because she was so young and started dancing when she was five years old. At first, I started to think that she was super good. I was really proud because she knows her technique. She is so talented and she has been training for the last three years.

What skills should