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This question came up in a recent thread about whether or not lap dancing is legal in Canada.

Here are the official answers from CBC Canada;

It is not. If you’re an adult and you participate in a strip show or dance with minors, you cannot enter a theatre unless accompanied by an adult.

I know what an adult is, but when does it begin to violate the law to get dressed like one?

Generally speaking, there are very few instances where an adult is required to have a child accompany them on an outing at a theatre.

However, a person who enters an establishment for reasons such as to pick up a child under the age of 13 can face a charge that could result in a fine of up to $250,000 or six months imprisonment on conviction. In fact, in 2007, a woman was fined $150,000 for allowing three underage boys to enter her Toronto theatre at a specific time in the evening.

(You can read the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision here.)

Why would I need to have an adult accompany me on a public outing?

The majority of venues do not allow children under 13 to enter the premises even if accompanied by an adult. This is because child entry violates the policy of the theatre and/or the landlord/promoter, who is legally responsible if someone under the jurisdiction of those organizations violates the rules of the premises.

A few venues will be reluctant to accept children younger than 13, and, in those cases, we recommend that you have an adult who can enforce the rules and be a responsible adult throughout the event. In some venues, you don’t have much choice.

Is it legal for me to pay full price for a lap dance?

This is a tricky question. Generally speaking, a lap dance can be considered to be entertainment, but, of course, it can be purchased in a number of ways ranging from discounted (some bars only sell lap dances for $2-7) to completely free, if not free of charge.

As with all entertainment, it is important to research it yourself to make sure it is appropriate for your tastes.

How do I get a lap dance at a theatre without going to an adult?

Unfortunately, these days it is difficult to avoid lap dancing altogether. In most cases, an adult, adult-friendly venue like a theatre or a club has a “private” area reserved exclusively for lap dancing.

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