Does the pole spin in pole dancing? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic Pageant Hairstyles

It does!

I have a friend who is an Olympic pole dancer and she uses a pole every day. She spins, she dances and she doesn’t even know it! But when she first started, she wasn’t quite comfortable with the poles that she used to spin. So she started moving her hips up and down. After a while, she thought, “I really should see a chiropractor.” So she went and looked, and I told her, “No, I will not support a woman that dances with a pole.”

She says, “You know what, I am going to do pole dancing! I don’t want to look like an idiot.” So we are still friends and she is a good person. But now she is dancing with the poles. And it is not even a big deal, and it is great, and it is great for her, and it is great for the dance. The thing that I think is very important about the pole’s movement is this: When you put people on their butt, your butt doesn’t need to move! It should just go where it needs to go!

What did you love about your first pole dance, and how does it hold up?

The Proper Way to Clean Your Dance Pole (by Material ...

I loved dancing with the pole. I love that feeling. I also love that feel when people are standing by me with their arms around me and they can see me dancing. It is really amazing. My favorite time was when it was summertime and I was at the beach, and there was a beautiful sunset out on the water and there were people there and they were cheering and they were in their bikini.

How far, at this point, have you gone in your pole-dancing journey? And what would you say to someone looking to put down the pole and start on pole dancing?

I started in July. And I’m at the very beginning of the pole-dancing phase of my life. All I have done is go from very newbie to experienced person. And every step along the way has only got better. The day I moved from very newbie to experienced, I had a party with a few friends. I danced on stage with them and my husband. I can show you the pictures, and I am very embarrassed to tell you how great we were!

And we did a pole dance, and everyone went so mad that night. I went back to my hometown and got a job. I’m so thankful to do this. And I am always thankful that

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