What do pole dancers do? – Good Pole Dancing Songs 2018

They hold the pole on their backs!” I know exactly what that translates to for a pole dancer: “hold the pole on my back.” It’s a lie.

I don’t just want to be a pole dancer. I want to be a pole dancer like my grandfather was, but with a better diet.

“The only time I have ever been very hungry is when I go do pole dancing!” I scream.

My mom looks at me like I haven’t been a kid for six years. “You want to try pole dancing?” she asks. She doesn’t think I have any other options, or is some kind of nut. “No,” I said, in an act of defiance.

“Oh, come on, it’s only 1:10. It just takes about a half hour!”

What’s the most dangerous part of pole dancing? Stunt dancers? Not a danger at all.

I don’t want my father to be a stunt guy. “I don’t want my dad to be a stunt guy,” I tell him.

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A couple weeks later, I fly my little son home from a two-week stint as a stuntman. He wants to go back to being a baby. “It was fun!” he says. “And it gave me the chance to learn the best.”

And what he taught me about how to really live is hard to beat.

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