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According to the state of Texas, “Lap Dance: A Plea for Equality” by Miley Cyrus is not legal in the state. In the opening paragraph of the book, there is a statement from Texas Equality.

“Texas is one of 15 states that prohibits same-sex marriage or civil unions, and it’s very clear in the text of the Texas Marriage Defense Act that it does not permit same-sex couples to be partners in any manner, including traditional lap dances. A lawsuit challenging Texas Marriage Defense Act could have the effect of overturning it by removing the exception for ‘traditional’ lap dances.”
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Why is there such an issue with what is widely viewed as an artistic form?

“The American people believe that the freedom to express themselves is an essential part of our democratic process and essential to our ability as a nation to flourish,” wrote Mark Joseph Stern, editor at large of the New York Times. However, he added, there are “differences” in the “pro-porn/pro-sex dynamic” between the two.

“Some people are concerned by the sex-plurality of the sex, although the sex is the point-of-emphasis,” wrote Mark Oppenheim, the head of the Center for Law and the Humanities at Columbia University and a writer on the topic of sex-plurality.

“There is a moral, psychological, and political opposition, which is largely rational. But on the sexual-pluralist side — the people who are against same-sex marriage and civil unions, and who are doing all they can to destroy traditional marriage, including by encouraging homosexual marriage — we have some very different feelings. Some of our moral principles, some of our political principles are very, very different.”

The controversy does not seem to have led any one group to abandon the practice, even though some organizations have decided to drop it.

LAS VEGAS — It wasn’t until about five hours later that the police arrived at “Folsom” that someone finally noticed her husband’s body in the garage. The man was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital. He was 43 and had been missing since the day before his son was born. The man, a contractor and father of three, also had a wife, three children and a house.

And yet, when he arrived home, he was the only one of the six family members at the garage.

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