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You’re probably thinking, “Well, what are you going to do after that?” To which, I would have to say that once you start removing that layer of clutter, you’re left with a lot of beautiful stuff that probably won’t fetch your target market. The reason is because, you know, if you go on Pinterest, you’ll find all this cool stuff that’s been “cleaned up” and everything else is just stuff you’ve got in your basement that I’ve been throwing out. It’s very tempting to get rid of. But then when it comes to finding a really useful tool, like some sort of app or a website or something like that that can help you to take a piece of your life and really be helpful, it’s very tempting. When you think about it, when our whole world is just one networked website, everything’s a piece of data. When all your data is in one place, even things like how your car looks after you’ve driven it, that means nothing to you. What would be useful to you from that is totally different than how your current car looks. What would you care about in that?

Your data, that’s what’s driving all these ideas. How did your family’s life look like before you were a millionaire?

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It’s weird. We’re talking in terms of maybe a couple thousand dollars to move into a house. It took a week, it’s like 5 or 6 hours of driving and then a couple more hours of the same parking because nobody gets into their car with a lot of spare money. And then, you’re sitting in the front seat and a little boy is watching you do it. And there’s no air conditioning, it’s very hot. I think we’re talking about, we’re talking about, like, $100,000 to move into a house at the beginning of the 21st century? That’s not cheap. That’s not cheap for anybody.

So I have to say, it felt like I could never afford anything. When I think about $100,000 to move to a house, I feel, “Why did I never do anything with a lot of money?” And then it’s, like, “Oh, you should have done that and then you’d have, like, a $1.2 million house.” But like, I could never afford anything.

I think one of the things we hear about here at our company is, ‘Oh, you can’t afford to spend

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