Is it easy to learn pole dancing? – Pole Dancing Championships

Pole dancing is challenging, but everyone should at least try it a couple times in their life. In doing so everyone will learn to be more outgoing, creative, and able to make their body dance. Even when it doesn’t seem like you’re able to swing one step like Tony Montana. Pole dancing is for everyone.

This list of pole dancing tips will definitely give you the tools you need to learn more. If you like pole dancing but can’t see yourself doing it frequently, try one of our different classes:

We offer two classes: one for dancers of all stripes and a solo class where you can try what you like and learn whatever you like.

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It might have been called America’s next great cultural movement but, in truth, the idea of a transatlantic free trade agreement is the least of the difficulties in getting us there. We don’t need to get there with a bilateral agreement, with the US offering to subsidise an increasingly corrupt and dangerous US economy, and the European Union, an ageing and economically fragile institution, offering to subsidise the same with its weak financial institutions, while the US offers to sell out its industrial base to the richest nations in the world. We don’t need to get there with an agreement with the US, a giant, over-reaching institution that has been run by the same people since the 1930s, and from which the US is still extracting billions of dollars every year.

We do need a transatlantic agreement because the free movement of labour under a single market is essential. It’s also necessary because the US and the EU are two of the three largest economies in the world and because if they fail to address the economic instability of the global economy, then it’s only a matter of time before they collapse. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will be a vehicle to ensure that happens.

Last week, the US Trade Representative (USTR) released a draft version of the TTIP. The draft is called ‘TTIP: A deal for the 21st century’, and there’s lots to agree upon: on corporate taxation, on how transatlantic businesses will be forced to follow EU rules regarding how they will manage their finances and how they will handle information, on how the state will be granted the right to scrutinise the activities of the largest corporations – and the corporations themselves – across borders.

At this stage it’s not too late to veto the trade agreement, so there’s plenty

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