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Pole dancers’ job is a long one, and has little to do with a particular dance style. People need to learn the basic rules for getting into the rhythm of a dance and that is really the crux of dancing: how to dance the way that you feel, how to move you body, and how to work with rhythm.

Pole dancers like it cold and they like to be active! In essence, a pole dancer is the same as any ballet or classical dancer in any sense of the word! They are trained to use their bodies and movements to create a rhythm and flow of energy in a particular dance format: either solo, group or team. But the most important thing you must understand is that there is nothing inherently wrong with the way you are feeling.

How many men can dance a hip hop dance routine?

No one has ever studied this question… but here is another question: How many men can dance a hip hop dance routine? What is the typical male choreographer or dancer’s approach is really the wrong one, for the simple reason that the guy on the pole is not a dancer, he is a comedian. You can be a guy doing a routine and it could be anything. For the most part though, it would be men’s groups; and the women’s group is the same, just with less comedy.

This video gives you an idea of what I am talking about:

I hope that you have benefited from this brief introduction to poles. In conclusion: If you really want to get into pole dancing, you owe it to yourself to find a choreographer that can guide you and teach you and that is really what pole dancing is all about. The best dancers are the ones that teach themselves and are comfortable with their own body and the process that goes into the flow. You can’t have a good dancer without a good dance coach. If you enjoy yourself and don’t like being told how to dance, then you must have the right coach. If not, if you like being told what to do, then you probably need to ask the right coach. It’s a difficult process as there are many coaches, and this is one of the reasons why it’s best not to start too early. It’s a long and difficult journey as you will find out when you truly take things on. Let each person who asks ask themselves what makes a good pole dancer, as most of them will not have any knowledge of pole dancing, but rather have a love of comedy.

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