What should a beginner wear to pole dancing? – Pole Dance Competition 2020-2021

A. You would not wear a “cotton tank top that is too short or too long”, or a “short sleeve shirt or a short skirt, so that your arms are exposed”.

B. You would wear short shorts to pole dancing on the streets, but also to “all inclusive” festivals, where women can bring the same clothes and get in and out. If you have to wait to get into the event because of how long it takes the staff to make it to security and out, it will result in a lot of wasted energy. And then it will be even longer before you get there because of all the other people.

C. If you are going to a long pole show, wear shorts! If you have a long pole show, wear shorts! The longer the show, the better the shorts. Women’s shorts are the best shorts for dancing pole!

D. You will not wear a t-shirt that completely covers your chest. Women’s t-shirts should cover a good part of their chests and legs, but if you are going to a show in the summertime and have been told not to wear shirt, make sure you wear what looks good on you.

E. You would not wear a shirt that you could see under, or see through if you had a long or longish skirt – that would be extremely rude and very uncomfortable.

F. If you are going to the pole show and need a shirt, you should take it off when you walk to the pole. It is just a shirt!

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G. You will not wear shirts with big pockets. If you show them in their last year as a professional dancer, they may need to be adjusted, and there may not be enough room for them in your bag.

H. You would not go to a show in the summertime wearing a shirt that you can see through, as the shorts will be too short.

If we had asked the audience at the beginning of our question, who could wear a skirt, they would have probably answered that it was women’s clothing, and a woman would have to make that choice for her, as it will likely limit the places she can dance, for the next two weeks.

Is this a valid answer, on the contrary, there are a lot of women who are uncomfortable about it, even if they don’t have big breasts or they are wearing shorts!

What should a beginner wear?

A. A low cut

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