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You will not be able to build any type of muscle mass, and pole dancing can be a strenuous and stressful activity. However, a good routine to follow will help improve your body and coordination. Begin with the following, and if you don’t have the free time, add one more for every year!

Lying in the belly of the pole, make a tight rope in one arm, with the other pulling up behind. Hold each side. Squeeze your arm in this way. This will help keep tension on your arm so that you can pull it up and down smoothly. This is called ‘the plank’. Your muscles need to work harder with this than in ‘traditional’ pole dancing exercises. Make sure you move your legs around as well. Don’t try to force yourself to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, but be sure you are doing it well.

You will get better with training sessions. You can always do more, you just need to increase the quality of your work. If you want to increase the size of your muscles in your legs, you can increase the length of your rope. Make the rope shorter or bigger based on your goals.

Doing yoga helps build your spine strength. Do it three times a week if you are unable to do other strength training in your day – your strength is more important than technique.

Try the following to decrease tension on your arm in the plank:

Lie down on the floor, feet shoulder width apart. Hold your arms straight or slightly bent in front of you. Bring your face down to the floor and press your chin up. Your neck should be pulled back, and your chest should be pushed forward. Squeeze your arms as hard as you can, but not too hard.

If you can do this on a pole, do this in front of a wall or a bench.

Treat your elbow as if it were an arm. With a dumbbell, hold it at arm’s length at elbow height. Put the dumbbell in front of you and extend your arm, bringing your palm over the dumbbell. Now bring your elbow towards your body, and make sure the dumbbell is still at arm’s length. Now reach up with your elbow. This will put pressure on the elbow and arm, and will feel good!

This exercise can help with wrist strength, and increases strength between your wrist and fingers.

Use light weights, but they can be pretty heavy because you have to

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