What do pole dancers do? – 1-On-1 Pole Dance & Fitness Atlantic Pageant Of The Masters

Pole dancers learn to swing a two-foot pole that is about 60 inches long. They begin their dance by holding onto the pole and swinging about two-thirds of the way down or up.

How much does pole dancing cost?

Pole dancing is not really cheap. The average cost per hour of dancing ranges from $70 to $140.

Do I have to be an experienced pole dancer?

Pole dancing is a sport, and is a very specific skill of how one moves an individual person along the pole. You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or an elite member of the American gymnastic team to perform a pole move.

How many poles can we bring?

There’s no limit to the number of poles that you can bring with you.

Do I have to stay on the pole?

Yes, you have to be on the pole at all times while dancing.

If I forget my pole – I need to find it!

You definitely need to remember your pole and find it when you need it. Your pole may be in a hotel room or elsewhere you’re staying. In those cases, you might find yourself wandering around the floor searching for your pole. Some companies offer pole dancing lessons so that you don’t have to look for your pole, but others do not.

Can I move my pole anywhere besides my pole?

No, you cannot move your pole unless the pole is set up to the length you need. Your pole should be set up to the maximum height that can possibly be sustained without being dropped.

What should I bring with me in a pole dancing lesson?

You need to bring plenty of shoes, but you also need to bring a pole and a pillow or blanket you can use while dancing to avoid falling off your pole.

What if I don’t know how to do a dance move?

You can use a pole or a pole dancer to show you the basics – you just have to know what to do with what you’re holding on to. There are pole dancers who can do most of the pole dancing moves that it takes to do them. However, if you don’t know how to do a certain move in a particular way, you should use a pole dancer instead of a pole dancer because they will have a better idea of what is happening to their arms and legs when they perform the move.

Will there be any instruction?

Pole dancing

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