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If you’re an aspiring pole dancer, the majority of our training sessions involve a combination of free running, agility training, pole, and gymnastics. We have specific routines for each. We do not have any specific weight classes for our pole dance classes. We do have some general weight classes, but they vary depending on how much weight you are able to carry.

Can I be a pole dancer and hold a masters degree?

Yes. If you’re interested, contact our Director of Education at for more information.

How many classes is there per week and how do I become a certified pole dancer?

We offer classes each Sunday from 10-1.

The number of classes per week depends on our staff’s availability. If our staff is busy, we may decide to hold fewer classes.

Once we have scheduled classes, each individual student will be given a personal schedule. This schedule will include time to prepare, class times, and a review of their workout.

You can request individual class times here. Once assigned times, students will be able to sign-in at their chosen class and then log into the database. All scheduling needs to be confirmed.

Can I take pole dancing seriously and qualify for certification?

Absolutely! Pole dancing can be a healthy and enjoyable way to get in shape for both you and your friends. To get to the level we strive to, we need each person to have the right motivation. The best way to motivate an athlete is to motivate yourself!

We will give you a personal schedule each week. You can also request all scheduled classes on the site.

Once we send you your schedule, the time you have to prepare and take your training to maximum levels will be displayed on your screen. Once it has confirmed your classes with the instructors, we will automatically schedule the classes for you.

How do classes work?

At the beginning of each class we will give you the time of your choosing for the workout.

We will also give you a schedule of the exercises that form part of your routine, as well as an overview of the movements that you will do. In addition, we will review your workout with each instructor so you know the direction you need to have your training go.

We will do a workout so you can get to your favorite spots, as well as an overview of the moves you will use.

At the end of the class,

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