What exercises help with pole dancing?

Do they really improve performance, and if so, does their improvement differ from other types of exercises? I have written many articles on my pole dancing website about pole dances, so it is interesting to see if their “revelation” is just an illusion caused by a lack of knowledge about the specific exercises.

Pole dancing has become one of the biggest international dances, as it is an accessible art form. To have people all over the world dance like that is something beautiful.

How do you keep them motivated?

Pole dancers are people, they are not machines. That is why the best way to get someone to work harder is to try new exercises.

Do you do any other types of exercises that are used mostly for pole dancers, that do not help you move in any way?

Yes, a good number of the exercises listed on my website are for a number of different movements. For example, many dancers will perform the “Lunge” with their feet in a specific direction. I have also included a series of step-ups and wall-to-wall variations so it is easy to perform. You can also do moves that use your arms to hold onto a pole, so this can be very helpful for dancers looking for different variations.

Are there any other exercises you recommend to use?

As it is very difficult to do any other exercise than a variety of those listed on my website, it is probably best to stick to the exercises you are already familiar with as most dancers already know that. If not then I suggest reading some of the articles on my website and finding your own exercises online.

Do you use any other types of equipment?

I do not. The poles, the dancefloor and the dancing floor are all the same thing. The only important thing is making it easy for people to dance and do it successfully.

What is your position on the pole dance hierarchy? Do you ever feel that other pole dancers don’t have as much freedom as you do?

The pole has never been more free. The pole dancing hierarchy is very wide and everyone has their place, but you are never quite as free as you think. There are always the two pole masters, the masters above and the ones below that have more freedom than you do. This is not a bad thing, it is good for everyone to know and understand that it is not really the pole dance world all over again and that you are constantly challenged and challenged yourself