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When the first African American male-led African National Congress (ANC) dance-club was first organized in the late 1950s in Washington, D.C., by three African members of the House of Representatives, it was called the White House, a term that has remained with the dance-club’s name ever since, as the White House, although with changed name. Later, a number of dances were called by this name, such as the Cane, the Pole Dance, and the Blue Ball. Many African American men and some women are still involved in American, African and West African-style dance clubs in the U.S.

What does “African” mean?

The term “African” refers to people from many countries, ethnic groups and nationalities. “African” means West Africa, from which most of the African nations come. Some of the world’s largest African nations have a history of mixing their cultures with European and other peoples. Although many of the members of the African National Congress, and those that have been with them over the years, consider themselves to have roots in Africa, their African origin is actually very diverse.

What is the “African-American” name?

The American-African-American dance-club is named for the original African-American men in Washington who first organized a political dance club, the House of Representatives, based out of the White House and named their group the African-American Congress (AECC) in 1958.

Some African ethnic groups or groups of people of South and West African heritage have a historical connection with Africa, including the Yoruba and Kikuyu nations. Another group that has a history based within Africa is the Maasai of Africa. They are said to be descendants of the people who built the African-American churches such as St. Mary’s (Mary’s in Maine) in Savannah, Georgia, and St. Francis (Francis in Maine). The Maasai religion is said to include elements of a Christian and many ancient African traditions, including the use of the machete, which was used as a weapon.

What was the name of the first “African-American” black movie star?

The early African-American movie stars often came from the African ethnic groups that made up the National American Indian Movement. They included the great black screen and sound artist, James Brown, who had a musical career that continued for many years after Brown’s death.

What was the name of the first African

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