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Which is the most common? The popular (and still) most sold guitar is the Telecaster. It’s most famous for being a top model in the ’60s and ’70s, and it even made a cameo appearance in the movie John Adams. The Stratocaster has made it’s own mark in the music world since it was introduced in the early ’50s. Even though it hasn’t made any major changes since then, it still sells quite well. You can still get one that hasn’t been serviced for decades, and it still rocks like a rocket.

The following is a letter from an old friend of mine to my dear husband. I’ve decided to share that letter, because I think it’s so important when it comes to the issue of abortion and whether or not we should ban abortion.

My friend and I first learned about the Planned Parenthood shooting on Twitter. I tweeted to him, “Who else can understand how devastating this is for our country?” He wrote back, “I didn’t know anything, so I just wrote that.” I went on to say that my husband, not realizing he was in the midst of an abortion campaign, had posted it on Twitter: “It’s like this Planned Parenthood shooting will have one goal: to turn our country into a third world country! How stupid do you want to live, America!” He responded, “I thought you were being sarcastic. I thought you were being too stupid to understand the gravity of this crisis.” I told him that I’d have to take it down. He thought that I hadn’t bothered to get my facts straight because I was angry at him. He replied, “My God, you hate me? And you’re telling me to take it down?!?” We got in a heated argument later. He asked me why I wouldn’t just stop caring about an abortion group if I were really so angry at him and he was upset about his son. I told him that I wasn’t really angry either, but I had a deep concern about what an abortion campaign could do to our nation. He told me that I’d been taken out of context, and we had a long history of arguing over the proper role of government and the proper role of churches in helping people (and making money for the churches). He said he was upset that I didn’t understand how abortion could affect so many people in the way he was concerned about it.

I tried to explain what had been lost in the tweet but he was clearly angry and I needed

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