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What is the fastest way to pick up chords on guitar? I’ve heard there’s a very special piece of musical equipment that I used to call “The Popsickle” — a sort of electronic organ that produces chords from very fast tones. Can you share some more? It’s a special instrument that was built to the tune of the Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers.” I know it sounds a tad strange and the song is a bit weird, but I think the song was actually written for it. I can’t tell you more because the equipment has been lost because it was hacked by a punk kid in college and the kid was trying to make it his “singer,” which is illegal today. That one guitar has a single pickup and the rest is all hum. It’s like having a live organ in your guitar case. You put the string through that and it’s going to come in and out of a vibrati valve. You can turn its volume up or down, and it won’t sound like anything, it’ll just play in tones.

I think you and I could use a little more information.

We’ve reached out to RockStar Studios for more information, and will update the post if we hear back.

Thanks to Joe and Dan for the tip.

Update: RockStar Studios sent us a little explanation about why this device is called the Popsickle. The studio’s manager, Ryan Smith, wrote in an e-mail:

I personally remember seeing an amp for sale at a garage sale somewhere in the neighborhood of New York City, which would produce a tone somewhere in the 7-8 octave range. We called the seller but no one was home, so we left a recording message to the seller with our concerns. He seemed receptive, but did not want to sell it. I guess there may be good reason for this, or perhaps the tone that was produced was not very good. One day later, we received a call from the seller’s assistant, who informed us that the amp was stolen from a friend’s house. When we got to the house where it was located, we found the guitar sitting in the snow in the garage of another neighbor.

You can find the RockStar Studios website here. All of the information in the original story is accurate; only some details about the Popsickle are off. All in all, it looks like RockStar is really pushing the envelope with these sort of experiments.

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