Is it worth it to learn guitar? – Guitar Lessons App Ipad

What the heck, we should try, right?

I think it is. And you could very easily do a full tutorial on just picking and playing chords, because this is a really important part of guitar.

And I’m not just talking about picking, either: I think learning to play a certain chord in particular is just as important as learning which chord you play in the specific musical context of a song.

So why not have an entire tutorial on this?

And I think having a tutorial where I go over the basics might help people who are having trouble understanding guitar more than you possibly thought. Even if the theory isn’t explained well enough, having people that actually know how to play can help.

So when do people start doing tutorials? When they’re in their teens or twenties?

Probably around age 22 and up, I think. That’s when people start playing gigs and learning other instruments or even just taking on a job where they have to play stuff.

How old was I when I figured out how to do a single-note pattern like that on the guitar?

As a kid. But I don’t think I ever learned every single note on guitar until I was in my late thirties.

Where did your parents learn how to learn how to play guitar?

They learned it from my uncle Bob, who used to listen to jazz to pass the time in the car.

But really, my dad taught me in primary school.

But how old was your uncle?

He was a kid of about 16.

So that should mean I learned guitar from age 16 to 25 like you?

Yeah. Even though I didn’t play for almost 30-years at that point.

It’s still weird because it feels like you’re playing something at once.

Exactly. Because when you get one note on the guitar and you look down on your fingers, you hear those tiny notes. And then you add a lick to that note and it looks like you’re playing something. But it’s just so easy.

It can happen to anybody, right?

It can happen to anyone. I was in my mid-twenties, when I actually started performing live. Like my first gigs ever, back in the early 90s.

So you started going on the road in your thirties?


When did you start?

I don’t remember

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