What song should I play on guitar?

If the band isn’t performing, you should just use whatever song you want.

If they’re the band playing, then you have to play the song you like.

If the band is a solo act, you have to use whichever one sounds best to you.

(This isn’t a definitive list. If you have some songs you’re absolutely certain you’ll want to use, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.)

I’m a solo artist, what should I do?
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For solo tracks, use whatever sound is best to you.

I’m the singer in a band, what should I do?

I do the same thing. You may find I prefer one style of sound over another, so if that’s the case, I suggest you use one sound over another.

What’s the “best place to play”?

That’s ultimately up to you, but I highly suggest trying to put songs on the radio in a specific location so you can put yourself out there.

I have no idea what to play! Can I do that?

You shouldn’t let this happen.

I feel like I have no idea what’s going on. Can I learn my way around the software just by looking the things up?

You’d be surprised how useful it is to learn your way around the software, even if it isn’t your first time or your first song! Here are a few quick pointers on how to deal with problems with the software.

If you see what looks like a problem when you try to play a song, the first thing to say is, “I don’t know if what I’m seeing is real or not.” This is the easiest way to solve it.

Be sure to note this when you are listening to the song. You can find out in the next step.

Here are some tips for dealing with errors using the guitar effects or mixing controls in the plugin: Listen to the song, and play the song on a different instrument. Then, when you have play the instrument you think you aren’t missing, just go to the next track on the track list and play it there. This often frees up the plugin to work the way it needs to work.

If you’ve set a preset in the plugin, it is much easier to navigate the program by hitting the f9 key on your keyboard.

If you have a song in the plugin, then